Mixed Media Floral 12×12

Designed By: Donna-Marie
Skill Level (1-5): 1
Time to Complete: 30 minutes (Plus drying time)


Step 1.  Gesso a 12×12 Watercolor Paper and let completely dry.

Step 2: Tear and adhere with Gel Paste colored flower images (from magazines or from web) and Art C Literature Book Pages randomly on the page.  

Step 3:  Using the colors from your flowers you chose add matching or closely matched acrylic paint.  Using your fingers dab blotches of paint around the flowers fading the color out to the edges.

Step 4:   Add greenery for a more realistic look. Again applying the paint by dabbing it on with your finger.  Add water from a spray bottle to soften and move the colors around. Seal with a painted layer of gel paste, let dry.

Step 5: After Gel Paste dries spray entire sheet with water and add drops of watercolor ink to fill in the negative (white) space.

Step 6: Add in dabs of Luxe Paint.  The luxe paint colors were chosen to enhance the lighter acrylic paint colors.  Spray with water and move the color around if necessary. Seal with Gel Paste and let dry.

Step 7: Add watercolor ink into a spray bottle with a small amount of water and spray the image.  Let drip down. You may use paper towel to remove the spray marks in the floral areas.

Step 8: Add white acrylic paint where needed to highlight the image.  Water some white acrylic paint down and load a brush up with the mixture.  Tap the loaded brush with your hand to “spray” the white drops all over the image.

What You Need

Art C Gesso
Art C Gel Paste
Art C Gold Glitter Ink
Art C Luxe Paint: Magenta, Turquoise, Walnut Brown
Brea Reese Phthalo Green Ink
Brea Reese Heavy Acrylic Paint:
Magenta, Crimson, White, Cobalt Green, Ocean Green
Art C Literature Book Pages

Other Supplies

12×12 rough surface Watercolor Paper
Paint Brushes
Paper Towel
Empty Spray Bottles