Love Pallet

Designed By: Catherine Scanlon
Skill Level (1-5): 2
Time to Complete: 1 hour (allowing for drying time)


Step 1: Paint top of palette with Black Ultra Chalk. Let dry. Lightly sand the edges and top. Wipe clean.
Step 2: Cut a piece of the polka dot fabric large enough to slip behind the wood embellishment and stain with watered down Teal Metallic Paint.
Step 3: Apply stencil to the top of the palette and apply Gold Wax Paste using the brush tip of the Groove Tool.
Step 4: Apply a LIGHT application of the Gold Wax Paste to the edges of the wood frame embellishment (botanical collage kit) and over the top of the wood word.
Step 5: Use craft glue to attach the fabric to the wood frame embellishment.
Step 6: Sand the edges of the tag with the coarse tip of the Groove tool.
Step 7: Sand the edges of the palette lightly, if desired.
Step 8: Wrap the burlap ribbon around the palette and secure with dry adhesive. Wrap twine around several times and secure with a knot.
Step 9: Tuck distressed tag under twine.
Step 10: Add 3D Dots to the backside of the wood frame and attach to top of tag.
Step 11: Use craft glue to attach the wood word to the frame.
Step 12: Embellish with butterflies.

What You Need

#26394 3 x 5 Wood Pallet
#26059 Black Ultra Chalk
#25969 Gold Wax Paste
#25998 Teal Metallic
#26400 Botanical Collage Kit
#24739 Botanical Tin
#25846 Twine + Burlap Trim Pack
#26886 Chevron Adhesive Stencil
#22240 Paste Applicator
#24585 Groove Tool
#24583 Replacement Brush

Other Supplies

3D Dots