Live Out Loud Mixed Media Art

Designed By: Momenta
Skill Level (1-5): 2
Time to Complete: 1 hour (allowing for drying time)


Step 1: Apply the Moroccan Stencil to white cardstock. Use a palette knife to apply a heavy coat of White Stencil Paint over the entire surface of the stencil. Set aside to dry completely, it could take several hours to dry. When dry, remove the stencil.

Step 2: Apply a wash of watered down Gold Metallic Paint to one end of the stencil and a wash of watered down Turquoise Stencil paint to the other end. Let the mingle in the middle. Let dry. When dry, splatter watered down Gold and Black paint on the design as shown in the example.

Step 3: Paint a piece of white card stock with the watered down Turquoise Stencil paint. Let dry.

Step 4: When the card stock is dry, apply the large butterfly stencil from the Flowers + Bugs Adhesive Stencil set to the Turquoise card stock. Use a stencil brush to apply black paint. Let dry and use a pair of scissors to cut out the butterfly. Splatter with Gold Paint.

Step 5: Apply the small butterfly from the Flowers + Bugs Adhesive Stencil set to white card stock, and stencil with Gold Stencil paint. Splatter with Black Stencil Paint. When dry cut out.

Step 6: Layer the two butterflies together with foam tape or 3D dots.

Step 7: Crumble the tag from the Word Play Collage kit, and smooth out. Use the Large Butterfly from the Flowers + Bugs Adhesive Stencil with White and Gold Stencil Paint to lightly apply a random pattern on the tag. When dry, ink with brown ink.

Step 8: Trim background design to fit in frame of choice. Add tag to center of design with foam tape. Layer the butterflies and trimmed sentiment as shown in the example.

Optional: Create a Custom Frame

Step 9: Paint frame with Art-C Black Ultra Chalk Paint. When dry, sand lightly to remove any brushstrokes and buff with a soft cloth. Mask of the outside edge of the frame with painter’s tape and brush Steel Luxe in the desired area. Let dry and remove the painter’s tape. Add the mixed media card.

What You Need

#28107 Art-C Word Play Collage Kit

#25232 Momenta Flowers + Bugs Adhesive Stencil

#27061 Momenta White Stencil Paint

#27074 Momenta Black Stencil Paint

#27069 Momenta Turquoise Stencil Paint

#26746 Momenta Gold Stencil Paint

#26076 Art-C Steel Luxe

#26059 Art-C Black Ultra Chalk Paint


Other Supplies

#Palette Knife

#White Cardstock


#Foam Tape or 3D Dots

#Sentiment printed on Cardstock

#Stencil Brush

Optional: Wood Frame, Painter’s Tape, clean soft cloth