Brea Reese Watercolor Cream 12×12 Layout

Designed By: Donna-Marie
Skill Level (1-5): 1
Time to Complete: 30 minutes


Step 1: Scribble three to four colors of Brea Reese Watercolor Cream Sticks on an acrylic block.

Step 2: Spray the block with water

Step 3: Lay the block color/wet side down on watercolor paper and swipe to the end.

Step 4: Repeat as needed.

Step 5: Run Watercolor Cream Stick around the edge of a glass or round object.

Step 6: Spray with water and stamp.

Step 7: Repeat with multiple sizes and colors as needed.

Step 8: If excess water is present after stamping, tilt the paper and let it run.

Step 9: Position the photo and embellish.

What You Need

Brea Reese Watercolor Creams

Other Supplies

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