A Day That I Will Cherish Clipboard

Designed By: Catherine Scanlon
Skill Level (1-5): 2
Time to Complete: 1 hour (allowing for drying time)


Step 1: Adhere chevron stencil to wood tag and smooth to make sure it is securely attached.
Step 2: Lightly sprits the magenta stain over tag. Remove stencil and replace on carrier sheet. Wipe clean with a damp cloth or wet wipe. Heat set or let dry.
Step 3: Apply cream chalk paint to back and edges of tag. Lightly dry brush edges on the front of the tag.
Step 4: Apply the flower adhesive stencil to the mini Kraft envelope. Use the groove tool with the brush attachment to apply cream chalk paint to the design. Reposition the stencil and apply to a second area on the envelope. Let dry.
Step 5: Lightly sand the front of the tag to reveal the chevron pattern underneath and the tag to slightly add a distressed look.
Step 6: Hot glue the metal clip to the top of the tag.
Step 7: Wrap the twine around the tag several times; use a button from the Step 8: Lace Collage Pack to secure in place.
Step 9: Attach the date die cut to the top of the envelope.
Step 10: Cut the quote into sections and apply.
Step 11: Slide envelope underneath the twine and use the metal clip to keep it in place.

What You Need

  • #25060 Lace Collage Paper Pack
  • #25229 Chevron Adhesive Stencil
  • #25232 Flowers + Bugs Adhesive Stencil
  • #27002 White Chalk Paint
  • #24486 Groove Tool

Other Supplies

  • Wood Tag
  • Magenta Stain
  • Twine
  • Button
  • Glue