Momenta Freestyle Die Cutting and Embossing Machine

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CREATE- Momenta Freestyle is the perfect tool for creating cards and invitations, scrapbook pages, home decor, or decorative gift boxes. Momenta Freestyle can cut and emboss all types of paper including: cardstock, vellum, foil, glitter, aluminum
DURABLE- Durable steel construction, for use with thin & thick metal dies. Easy to turn handle.
COMPACT- Compact, curved design with large carrying handle. Slim profile with folding platforms for easy storage.
CONTENTS INCLUDE- Freestyle Machine, Base Plate, Cutting Plate, Embossing Plate, and Instruction Manual

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1 review for Momenta Freestyle Die Cutting and Embossing Machine

  1. Tracy, from Michigan

    I purchased the Freestyle Die Cutting Machine on 10/26/19. It was a difficult decision to make over other well- known die machines. This is my first die cut machine and I had been researching for a year. When I was ready to purchase, I saw this one at Hobby Lobby and I was impressed on its sleek design and the fact that it has a steel and quality construction. I also loved how nice it appeared for storing with its unique design. I was motivated to use it the same day of purchase and found that the embossing was excellent with clear consistent results. Another positive that influenced my purchase, was that it was clearly easy to use out of the box. Regarding the die cutting, the dies cut nice clear and sharp. I used both a momento and an Gemini die. The only product issue I had, was that after running a die a few times, the die plate started to warp (bend) so now, I make sure that I flip the plate each time that I run a die through. This appears to help, also when I am done using, I put all of the plates together and sit the machine on top and that seems to help keep the plates nice and straightened. The die plate does get a lot of marks ups, from each die that I ran. Although, many in the craft community use self healing mats but I have not tried that. Overall, this is so far functioning as a quality machine with very smooth, painless turning. So far my main concern is that the company does not appear to have any additional plates on their website, for their machine, out there. Perhaps they will sell them in the future Also they have not articulated in their instruction, which name brand plate can be substituted, If new plates are needed. In closing, I am happy this appears to be an American company, as I support USA products. I am not certain where the machine parts are made but so far thumbs up, with the price line being in a good range. I look forward to more from this company, as It is time for other competitors to come to the market place and inspire quality products like The Freestyle Die Cut Machine. I love it so far. Thank you for this innovative product designed for the love and beauty of crafting.

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