Brand Ambassadors

Do you love Momenta or Brea Reese products?!  Now is your chance to work closely with the brands you love by applying to be a Brand Ambassador and sharing your passion!

As a brand ambassador for Momenta or Brea Reese, you will post on social media or your blog at least twice a month, following a social media calendar provided for you.  There may also be opportunities to test new products, create project videos, and be featured on the website as the program develops!

As a brand ambassador you are able to request up to $60 in your choice of product from the brand you are representing every other month, which you will then use to create your projects that you share on social media!

To apply to fill the position as a brand ambassador, please fill out the application below accordingly for the brand you would like to represent.  If you would like to represent two brands, please fill out one application and select multiple brands for question 5.